Thu, 05 Jun 2003
OzZope meeting notes

I gave a presentation about reStructuredText (and ZReST) to the OzZope meeting last night. The presentation went well (there was about a dozen people in attendance, and none appeared to fall asleep). I'll make it available some time soon - well, as soon as I get it out of PowerPoint.

I wanted to write the presentation using my old ReST → PythonPoint tool, and revamped it accordingly. Unfortunately, the handling of images is very poor in PythonPoint (it seems to want to scale them up or something) so I had to ditch that. I was running out of time, and powerpoint was the only viable alternative. An ReST → SlideML converter would be quite possible, I'm sure, so maybe some rainy day soon...

In other news, the OzZope meeting went well, discussing the upcoming Zope3 Sprint and some moves in the schools to get Plone installed for intranet use. We also had a demo of Silva and IRC chat with its creators. That was fun (I was forced to blush at one point when someone realised that I was the Roundup Richard Jones ;)

I'm thinking about adding a BackTalk-like extension to the ZReST product. I've always thought BackTalk is very powerful, and the Zope Book(s) are a testament to that power.

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