Sun, 14 Sep 2003
Colour printer/scanner/copier, way Linux friendly

Rachel's venerable old printer died a while back, and we've just gotten around to replacing it. We like the colour printer / scanner / copier combos, so after shopping around, we found that the HP offerings were quite nice. I did a quickie check, and found that the particular model (PSC 2110) we wanted to get was supported under Linux.

What support though! The printer and scanner drivers are maintained in sourceforge projects supported by HP. And they just plain work out of the box!

The quality is good too - I printed one of my old photos out on one of the sample photo paper sheets that came with the printer, and it's pretty good. There's banding when you look closely, but it's not noticeable at a viewing distance.

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Intersting web diary at the SMH

The Sydney Morning Herald has a web diary with a number of contributors (from around the country, not just Sydney). I've only just noticed it, and it has some interesting entries. Stuff like "Howard on the ropes: Labor's three chances for a knockout blow". Going to keep an eye on that one...

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Random links

Some random links (short list this time):

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