Rachel's Blog: A Global Warning

Wed, 27 Sep 2006

Saw An Inconvenient Truth last night. You should, no, must, see it too. It's currently on general release in Australia, which is rare enough for a documentary, but this one's really important. It's a little flawed, the delivery of information is a bit too rapid at times, but that might have been exaccerbated by the four year old whooping and leaping all over the seats nearby. Fortunately he was escorted out after half an hour or so, but still, I don't recommend that particular seat.

I don't think I learnt anything astonishingly new, but having all the details about global warming, CO2 levels and climate change all together really brought home the immediacy of the problem for me. Not to mention the amazing photographs and footage of melting land ice, vanishing lakes and cracked earth.

The most vital lesson that this film shares is that global warming is not a theory. It is a fact. And in surfing environmental websites this morning I found many examples of articles which dance around the issue and try to dilute its urgency. Global warming is not a slight annoyance, it is a planet-wide disaster that is happening now. If we don't cease our energy-greedy lifestyles, within our lives cities will drown and hundreds of millions of people will be displaced. For starters.

My personal immediate pledge is three-minute showers. Which, my family will verify, is a big deal for me. We're also going to install skylights in the family room to cut down on our energy useage. Oh, and defrost the freezer. Our next car (as a one-car family) will likely be hybrid. All our appliances are chosen on thier energy efficiency and are kept in good repair. We're staring to grown some of our own veggies. What about you?