Rachel's Blog: Dorothy the Intelligence-Sapping Dinosaur

Wed, 20 Jun 2007

Never has a television show made me more want to spoon out my eyeballs and stick them into my ears. Imagine the very cheapest worst children's show you can and then dunk it into fluorescent pink glucose.

Dorothy the Dinosaur has negative redeeming features. It is a show that will cause harm to its intended age group. The setting is bland (and pink!), the music is ear-piercing (with added piano accordian!), the characters are cardboard, the plot non-existant and the ideals barely belonged in the 1950s.

Some of the theme lyrics: (sung to non-tune in falsetto)
Come in through my rosy door
and drink some rosy tea,
You will smell perfume
when you come into my room,
(blah blah, bad rhyme, inanity, inanity)
and fairies dancing
and pirates prancing
and Wags the Dog!

I don't care for The Wiggles at all (it's a Wiggles production) but I thought they at least had tertiary degrees in early childhood education. Would it be asking too much for them to apply some of this knowledge? In a Sydney Morning Herald article, voice of Dorothy, Carolyn Ferrie says, "She is like a mother figure even though she is only meant to be five." Wah? Why can't she be like a five-year old if that's what she is supposed to be?

I asked Abbey her opinion on the five-minute program. She said, "It's just an ad for The Wiggles."
Too right.

Take it off ABC, your audience deserves better.