Rachel's Blog: It creeps and leaps and glides and slides

Thu, 04 Jan 2007
The Blob movie poster

This is what I would term a nice quiet horror movie - without any actual horror. Of course, The Blob is 50 years old now...who knows how terrifying it originally was. It's not exactly schlock-horror as it has a decent script and good performances (esp. Steve McQueen *swoon*). The special effects are quaint, almost to the point of being cute.
In summary, The Blob offers fun, not fear (which coincidently is my motto for 2007).

Spoilers for "The Blob" follow

However, if you've been a little negligent in doing your part to slow global warming, maybe you'd better take note of the ending.
Lt. Dave: "At least we've got it stopped."
Steve: "Yeah, as long as the Arctic stays cold."

So if you don't turn out those lights and walk to work every now and then, watch out! The Blob will get you!