Rachel's Blog: Not My Favourite Album

Sun, 03 Dec 2006

The ABC just screened My Favourite Album, a follow-on from the My Favourite Film and My Favourite Book surveys of the last two years. I'm twice disappointed.

Firstly, it was the worst produced show I've seen anywhere on television for years. The editing was shocking, the sound indecipherable and the panel of "experts" boring.

Secondly, it's the most tedious list imaginable. Unlike the Fav Film and Fav Book lists, which each revealed a wide variety of genres and styles in their Top Tens, this list relies way too heavily on the concept album and the white man. (Quite a number of whom are dead. And not in a good way.)

It's a pity that the ABC did not collect data that would shed light on the question of whether it's because women produce fewer albums than men (less than 10% of the top 100 entries are women solo artists or bands with even a single female member) or did only the male population* of Australia (plus me) bother to vote?

*Taking the not-so-gross assumption that men prefer listening to male musicians.