Rachel's Blog: Review: X-Men: The Last Stand

Mon, 29 May 2006

When you see X-Men 3 (you can't fool me, I know you're going to) make sure you sit all the way through the end credits. Yes, all the way past the Panavision logo. Something I do compulsively; often it pays off.

That's pretty much it for a review. It's pretty things-go-boom eye-candy. Same complaint as with the first two - not enough Rogue, and this time not enough Kitty Pryde. Could be that I've seen a lot of Buffy recently and so expect the girls to do the hard work, but I do find their stories more interesting. There's a huge story to be told with the Mystique character in the background of this film. Spinoff anyone?

Comment by Damien on Wed, 31 May 2006

I saw it last night, and I am filled with FURY. It was awful. None of the characters got anywhere enough time, but considering what happened to them when they were on screen, that might be a good thing.

Comment by Richard on Thu, 01 Jun 2006

Last night was officially the last nail in the coffin of the new Movie Show on SBS. They loved this movie. Gushed about it.

Comment by Rachel on Thu, 01 Jun 2006

I thought you were exaggerating - but, no, they did love it. They must have read the press release and not actually seen this rather thin film.