Rachel's Blog: The Three Little Pigs and the Mummy Pig who takes care of them all.

Wed, 22 Nov 2006

The episode of Peppa Pig that screened this morning began with Daddy Pig in the kitchen making soup and Mummy Pig doing some important work on the computer. Peppa and her little brother George ask Daddy Pig if they can watch Mummy Pig working. He says, "Alright, as long as you don't disturb her." And that is the moment, ladies and piglets, where it all goes horribly wrong.

Of course George and Peppa do disturb Mummy, and break the computer. Mummy asks Daddy to fix it (WTF?!) and in exchange she'll finish making the lunch. Daddy feigns ineptitude then turns the computer off and on again. All is well. Peppa and George convince Daddy to play a computer game with them, which they do and hilarity ensues. End of episode.

If you didn't quite keep up with the sequence of events there, note that Mummy Pig was interrupted during her Do Not Disturb time, had to stop and make lunch for everyone, and still has to finish her work. Everyone else gets to have fun and do as they please.*

In today's Age there's an interview with Nancy Kanter, Senior V.P. of original programming for Playhouse Disney, which finishes with

Shows made specifically for preschoolers are really aware of just how impressionable their viewers are. They're actually really responsible shows that reflect good modelling and positive social messages. So if you know your children are watching age-appropriate television, I think you're pretty safe for the most part.

Now maybe it's because it cuts a bit too close to the bone for me, but I call bullshit.

Also has anyone else noticed that Trotro's mother never ever says no to him? Spoilt little $#%&*@ (donkey).

*OK, it's an accurate representation of daily life, but honestly.