Rachel's Blog: Ultra-short animations for kids

Fri, 11 Aug 2006

During the Kid's TV panel last weekend, I briefly mentioned some animated shorts currently screening in unpredictable spots on the ABC. It's hard to catch these because they tend not to make it onto programming guides. But if you're interested in experimental animation, there are some people who are making a small living from it.

Mise en Plis (Folded in Two) - Origami animals in a paper world who live by literal interpretation. 50 second mpg

And, also from Marlou Films, Soupe Opera. Witty, animated salad.

Pocoyo A charming, computer generated five minute show that crosses claymation with anime stylings. (Bonus - it's narrated by Stephen Fry.)

But of course the first place to go for short kids' animations is classic and vintage Sesame Street (or rather, YouTube).
The Pinball Song (Number 6)
1 to 20 with sitar sounds
A Linear Argument
Bus Stop
J in the trainyard
The voiceover of this counting garden is creepy.
Russian Nesting Dolls count to 10
A song of ten
Opera-singing Orange
A loaf of bread, a container of milk and err, umm...
Letter i with intimidation issues
Like, wow, check out this great plant I grew from a seed, man.