Rachel's Blog: Blue Curtained Cubicles

Tue, 17 May 2005

I've been going to a local gym recently. Pretty odd for me to consistently do organised excercise, but at this point in my life I can't achieve anything without at least a modicum of organisation. Anyway, I've been impressed on the whole by the facilities, the people and the general atmosphere. It's congenial, without being in your face. Everything usually works and there are staff to answer questions or save you from fatal mistakes without hassling you to death about the number of times you are attending.
The space is open and clean; a large cardio area with televisions, huge aerobics rooms, a creche and general gymnasium equipment area. It's off this last space that there are a row of offices, each neatly labelled; 'Massage', 'Fitness Assessment', 'Management' and the like.
It's the last cubicle I'm worried about. I've never seen it in use, but it's cordoned off with heavy blue curtains. In such a nice place, with so many nice people, where everything is bright and clean wouldn't it worry you that the only sign outside reads 'Programming'?