Rachel's Blog: Conflux 4: a summary

Fri, 05 Oct 2007

I knew if I waited long enough everyone else would do my homework for me...
So here is my Conflux experience as filtered through other people's reports.

Cat Spark's gets the negatives out of the way early on by bitching about the lack of basic competence by the hotel staff.

Emma gets into the nitty gritty of panel attendance.

Gillian not only reports on the success of the Regency Gothic Banquet, but blogs all the recipes so we can recreate it at home (I recommend the caper sauce and all the desserts - just not together)

Cat wins the prize for photo-taking at Conflux. (You may have to hunt, but I'm in there a few times.) And there are pics of the costumed Banquet-goers here.

Most comprehensive is that almost all of the panels are available as podcasts from the Conflux website. Including the one I am on. I can't verify the quality of them yet, but I will definitely catch up on the Guest of Honour interviews and speeches that I missed.

Other than that I bought a lot of books, then turned around to get everyone present to sign them (nerd!) and attended a couple of workshops run by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta who were sadly stricken by a tour-induced lurgy but who brought the goods anyhow.

It was a pretty neat con. Very writerly, which didn't bother me so much as other people, but best of all, it was friendly. I had some great conversations with old friends and new ones. Mission accomplished!