Rachel's Blog: Dead ant, dead ant, deadantdeadantdeadtant...

Tue, 14 Aug 2007

They tried to do me in today. I was scouting around the floor, looking for where they were getting in. One drops onto my head. I look up. They are pouring in through the skylight just like extras in a horror film and half of them are the flying kind and they're getting in my hair and stuck in the fibres of my woolly jumper.

I spray and spray and oops, cover the fishtank, and spray and spray and I swear they are attacking me. The chemical smell is unbearable. We escape to the supermarket.

Something is tickling the back of my neck. It's my jumper. It's my hair. It's psychological.

We're in the vegetable department and something psychological is biting my arm. I scramble. I itch. I pinch tiny ant bodies from underneath my clothing. People are looking at me strangely. More strangely than usual.

We return home. The floor is littered with corpses.