Rachel's Blog: Desk Inventory

Fri, 01 Jul 2005

My desk doesn't look too messy at the moment, but it's all an act. In that way it behaves much like my brain. There are piles of things everywhere and I thought I would share some of them with you and together we can lament my lack of an orverarching organisational system. Or any kind of system.

To my immediate left it's pretty neat; set of headphones, power supply, novelty Supergirl glass holding spare cables and adaptors, a lamp and an unidentified bird feather. However a little further to my left, around the dogleg, hmmm. A pile of sketches, a pattern, fabric and notions for a cushion sit on top of the printer. Next to that are two pairs of pants requiring surgery, a baby blanket I started well over a year ago, a dress which will likely never become the fashion item I thought it would, and a bottle of woodworking glue. Two dolls, a skeleton, an unframed embroidery and two sets of small wooden drawers complete that side.

But the left side of my desk was not what inspired this post. That's just a normal state of disorganisation and half-finished projects. On my right there is room for a computer mouse to be moved. Barely. A mug of pens, a writing journal, a purple ceramic coaster, two empty notepads, and Lonely Planet guide for an abandoned holiday, a collection of quotes, two more notebooks (partially filled) and a diary.

Next pile: a plastic ruler, list of local playgroups, scrap pad, shoebox of dress patterns that I actually want to make, personal journal, unfinished manuscript (x2), CD I'm selling on Ebay, book I will soon be selling on Ebay, recent issue of Victorian Writer, printout of Continuum 3 program, notes for a children's book.

Rear pile: abandoned set of 43 folders (off-topic: GTD sucks if you work at home but barely sit down all day), dictionary, ooh, look another unfinished story, another personal journal, small binder containing incompleted To Do lists, empty notebook and a box of tissues.

If I close my laptop I can see all sorts of other toys too: small plastic mouse, tiny teddy bear, witchy Pez dispenser (yes, that witchy Pez, for those in the know), speakers, papier mache box of pot pourri, list of graphic novels held by the local library, antique glass bottle holding dried roses and marked "Poison", a foutain pen, a wicker basket shaped like a duck, which, in turn, keeps safe: a tiny cloth ghost in a glow-in-the-dark coffin, a knitted intarsia wrist-warmer that says "geek", small golliwog, a raven I sculpted fom Sculpey, gray knitted sheep and a large clear quartz crystal.

There is probably a simple answer along the lines of separate according to topic and/or function. But I don't think my brain works that way. So neither will my desk.