Rachel's Blog: Dust and TARDISes (TARDII?)

Mon, 08 Oct 2007

Been moving the furniture around today in preparation for carpet cleaners tomorrow. It's kind of like moving house, but without the excitement. I have a dust-induced headache, but I can't complain about that when to entertain me is a near-four-year-old girl who alternately today threatened to exterminate me and left for the moon in her TARDIS as Doctor Who. It's been fabulous really. In less than twelve hours this Doctor person has become a catch-all hero for the household. "Time for Doctor Who to brush her teeth", "If you don't eat another mushroom you won't know how to operate your sonic screwdriver", "Doctor Who is very friendly. She certainly wouldn't beat me over the head with a pink balloon." All this stemming from a glimpse of a Dalek animation on Danny's blog!

Cardboard house/TARDIS

(TARDIS, formerly known as "House".)