Rachel's Blog: Frustrations

Wed, 26 May 2004

A list of things that frustrate:

Paul McDermott vomits writes a column for The Age every week, but his head is so full of "Throw Your Arms Around Me" on repeat that he cannot complete this simple task. His right to it should be revoked.

There will never be a point where there is no more housework to do.

Our cat has just two neurons and only one of them is firing.

Everyone promised it would be a fairytale wedding, but I saw no poisoned apples, spindles, step-relatives, dwarves, porridge, thorns, beanstalks or sausages on noses.

The word bling.

Comment by Richard on Wed, 26 May 2004

And of course the one neuron firing in the cat is particularly noisy...

Comment by toby on Thu, 27 May 2004

" 'Bling bling' will never be forgotten," he said. "So it's like I will never be forgotten. I just wish that I'd trademarked it, so I'd never have to work again."

-- what a tosser.