Rachel's Blog: Further not doing anything.

Tue, 08 Feb 2005

I'm trying to figure out why I'm not doing anything, and I can't. And not just at the moment; it's a long-running theme. True, I am recovering from a painful back injury, but I seem to be making excuses for all sorts of crap at the moment.

TV. There's a lot of not-bad tv on, especially compared to last year. But does this mean I have to watch it all?

There are projects I have commited to. Ones which have deadlines and other people - lonely, housebound people - relying on me. Yet I decide to knit a hat. A woolly earflaps hat. In the middle of summer. (Not that you can tell for all the cold and rain.)

The house is embarrassingly dirty. It's bordering on unhygenic. But weblogs. WEBLOGS, people!

I also choose to blame libraries, food, Abbey's toys, comic book stores, new CDs, and DVD rental offers that arrive in the mailbox marked "No Junk Mail".

Responsibility? What is this responsibility you speak of?