Rachel's Blog: Let's Go, Lego!

Mon, 04 Dec 2006
Wonky Little Red Bus

Abbey and I both have bad sore throats at the moment, but I had one moment of genius today and dragged out the "real" Lego. That is - the original, small sized, no fancy-pants pieces, town Lego. Within seconds we were going kkrrrrshhhh, kkkrrrrssshhhh through the box and I was transported back a couple of decades. (yikes.)

Abbey isn't quite up to building with it yet, but she made herself a little green park with a blue pond, trees, flowers and some ducks that we found pre-assembled in the box. Unfortunately the park did not stay static long enough for a photo. I managed to freeform this little red bus after ten minutes krrrsssh krrrsssshing to find a second set of wheels.

I also found a fair number of pieces of Scala - the first Lego jewellery set. Way cooler than Clikits.

And here is a neat slideshow of how a Lego brick is made. (via Null Device)

Above all, I impressed upon Abbey the Two Fundamental Laws of Lego Building.

  • The plural of Lego is Lego.
  • Thou shalt return every piece back to the box from whence it came.