Rachel's Blog: Magic Crown of Elabar

Mon, 06 Feb 2006

So it turns out I was grouchier about turning thirty than I was pretending to be. Sorry about that. (And to clarify I _didn't_ raspberry to the poor girl's face yesterday, I was mostly baffled and a bit grumpy.) Let us never speak of it again.

Here are five good things for today:
Bruce Sterling is giving a Speculative Fiction Writing workshop in Brisbane in April with the Queensland Writers Centre. I hear places are filling fast.
Cat herding video (via anthony)
Some clues on how to read a book a day. (via coode street)
A page of random generators from the Fantasy Novel Title (or blog post title) generator to the Chinese Restaurant generator. (Anyone up for nipping down to the Jade Express for some take-away? No? The Lucky Phoenix Tea House then?)
And the fifth good thing about today is Press Gang season five in the DVD player. (Including the episode where Lynda gets locked in the vault.)