Rachel's Blog: Not leaving.

Sun, 10 Oct 2004

So there's talk already of mass exoduses (exodi? Can you have more than one mass exit anyway?) to Iceland or New Zealand which is tempting, especially when I realised this morning just what this is going to look like internationally. Bush is grinning right now. He'll see it as a mini rehearsal for his own bout come Nov. 2nd (Please, America, say it won't be so!) But it would put us a little too far away from our Liberal voting relatives. And you know now that we must all have them. Besides I don't like running away and dammit this is My Country too.

So I started thinking about all the stuff that I like about Australia and remarkably little of it has to do with politics. (Note this will be quite Melbourne-centric because that's where I live. You can make your own list. In fact, do. It will be a good soul-cleansing exercise.)
Victoria Market
Triple R radio
The Melbourne and Healesville Zoos
Changeable weather
Lygon St
Good coffee
Access to good literature and the Internet
The ability to turn the bad media off
The Melbourne Fringe/Fashion/Film/Comedy Festivals
Katherine Gorge
The Age newspaper
ABC and SBS television
The St Andrews Market
Driving distance to beaches and snowfields (season permitting)
Brunswick Road
St Kilda
Nova Cinemas

You get the idea. I'll stop now because I'm quite cheered up. Time for some Vegemite on toast and Einstein-a-go-go will be on soon...