Rachel's Blog: Playschool, Playdough and a Playhouse.

Fri, 25 Feb 2005

Abbey has definitely crossed the line from Baby to Toddler. Anyone who can follow the actions on Playschool (...put your finger on your nose, on your nose...) deserves a new title. Speaking of which, this afternooon's program was brilliant! Not only did they bring a real live car into the studio, but Justine - my very favourite Playschool presenter since John Hamblin - opened the bonnet and checked the dipstick, pointed out the radiator and showed how the convertible's roof is stored in the boot. So cool.

Anyway, to celebrate new found toddlerhood I made playdough and then spent 20 minutes trying to convince Abbey it was not a good thing to eat. But poking it is fun.

Finally today we were stood up on a playdate at Amber's Playhouse. There are worse places to be deserted I guess. Abbey had loads of fun on the bouncy castle and in the ballpit. I'm afraid I became bored beyond all comprehension after nearly an hour. Some company next time, please!

And now to find something to do that isn't parenting related...