Rachel's Blog: That was 2004...

Tue, 04 Jan 2005

I feel like doing a year-end wrap up. I could do a series of ten best/worst lists. Only I hardly did ten of anything, so that seems kind of pointless. I saw four movies at the cinema last year. Four! They were all good though (Big Fish, Vanity Fair, Hero, The Incredibles).

I did manage to read over fifty books. Largely fiction, a smattering on parenting, knitting and graphic novels. No big surpirses there. Must try and read more general non-fiction this year.

Speaking of this year, here I present my very first Uberlist. That's 105 things to do in 2005. Wish me luck!

Comment by toby on Thu, 20 Jan 2005

For the cataloging thing, you might be interested in Delicious Library. It looks kind of cool, and the scanning-barcodes-with-iSight thing sounds ever so cool.