Rachel's Blog: The romantic bone's connected to the...

Fri, 26 Jan 2007

Ask anyone - it's true. I have not got a romantic bone in my body. I just don't get it. And also, which one would the romantic bone be? Patella? Mandible? Metatarsal? Oh, I know - the humerus. Because it sounds great, but when it gets hit, it really hurts.

But that's beside the point. I watched Charlotte Gray last night and quite enjoyed it once I got over the accent switching. Australian Cate Blanchette plays the title character who is Scottish, but while she's in France she speaks instead with a French accent. Subtitles would have been nicer on the ears. So it is a romantic movie, but I understand it now. It's fine to be romantic as long as you've got something productive to do at the same time. And what could be more romantic than joining the French Resistance and blowing up trains?