Rachel's Blog: Theatre Review - I Like to Sing!

Wed, 03 Oct 2007

I know you're all waiting with baited breath to hear what I have to say about Conflux, but first you're going to have to put up with, yep, that's right — more Justine Clarke.

Abbey and I went to the concert last Wednesday and it was excellent. Absolutely everything you could want from a touring kid's show. To adapt the CD to a live performance it has been written into a loose narrative of what Justine does in her backyard on a hot summer's afternoon. In this way they managed to include, I think, every tune from I Like to Sing! The set was simple but effective, the props were minimal, but again effective and, following the Playschool philosophy, there was absolutely nothing that you could not recreate in your own home.

Justine was marvellous. Her performance was enthusiastic and engaging. Several times she walked through the audience asking the kids questions and really listening to their replies too. Far from juvenile or sappy though, there were a couple of lines directed to the adults as well. "I'm a tree," she said waving her arms wildly over her head, "Can you all be trees too? I've been to drama school, I know how to be a tree."

There were just two others on stage, Peter Dasent, writer of the I Like to Sing album and resident Playschool pianist, and Jeremy Cook a versatile percussionist. Both participated in the storytelling, being the straight guys for jokes, wearing daft hats and of course providing all the backing music.

We both had an absolute ball, as did the rest of the crowd. But the most reluctant to let them leave the stage were the five and six year old boys who ran down to the front row in order to lean on the stage and make doe eyes at Justine.