Rachel's Blog: Three years in development

Sun, 19 Nov 2006

It started peacefully enough on Thursday (actually it started almost exactly three years ago in a most unpeaceful fashion) with caterpillar meringues*, followed by ladybird biscuits** on Friday. Saturday saw sausage rolls, zucchini slice, ham and cheese scrolls, and a chocolate cake disguised as the Quangle Wangle's hat. Today it all culminated with chicken and mushroom skewers, sushi (purchased), mini pizzas, and the bog standard snack foods that you see at parties. Prepared but forgotten were Waldorf salad, potato wedges, more pizzas and chips.

If only I would learn to follow my own advice.

Happy Birthday Abbey!

*Where the caterpillar describes the shape not the contents of the dessert.
**No insects harmed here either.