Rachel's Blog: Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

Sat, 20 May 2006

Well over one hundred zombies took to the streets today for no particular reason. Setting off from the Carlton Gardens, they quickly took over the Antipodes Festival ("Mmm, Greek brraaaaainnns"), posed dead brides in front of the Bridal Expo at the Town Hall, shuffled quickly past the unfortunate simile of the Falun Gong protest against the alleged harvesting of live organs, and scared schoolkids at Flinders Street stations ("One of them tried to eat me!!" said a terrified teen).

Quickly revealed were the high numbers of cameras held by onlookers, that zombies' money is as good as anyone else's in the eyes of hawkers, most people who enquired needed a reason for the zombies' presence ("But what's it for?") and the elderly are not the most easily shocked.

Presented here is the smallest, least threatening zombie in attendance. Lurch this way for more photos.

Comment by Liz on Sun, 21 May 2006

Aww, but I know she still wants to eat my brains.