Rachel's Blog: Domestic un-science

Wed, 28 Jan 2004

What is the biggest problem facing Australian parents today? Drugs, sex, rap music, illiteracy?
No. It is attacks from over-opinionated do-gooders who do little more than criticise and blame.
And what moron at The Age allowed this subheading through?
If mothers knew how to cook better food, children would not be so fat.
Yep. Because Dads never cook and there is only fruit available at the school canteen and there aren't any milk bars on the walk home and all advertising scheduled during children's programming is for skipping ropes and soccer balls. Sweet Jesus. How to get really big group of people to hate you in one sentence.

Comment by Richard on Fri, 30 Jan 2004

Just recalled the results of a study into how the intake of sweet drinks affects children's health and diet. A trial was performed at a summer camp, where the diet of the children could be controlled and monitored.

It was indeed found that sugary foods resulted in weight gain, and there was a related decrease in the intake of healthier drinks (like juice and milk) but not food.

The other finding of the study? Kids aren't always at camp, and they'll eat whatever they want.

Comment by Dad on Wed, 04 Feb 2004

Here's a tip for you dads packing lunchboxes each morning:

Place healthy sandwiches (you know... gummy peanut butter, scalding salami, soggy tomato, floppy lettuce) ..at the bottom of the lunchbox.

Carefully cut a colour photo of a hamburger and chips from a magazine and place over the top to delight your loved one when she opens the box at lunchtime.

Result? Not pretty really. Child doesn't eat the sandwich, complains about being made into a playground spectacle. Try harder....