Rachel's Blog: Newspeak

Thu, 22 Jan 2004

Some comments on today's Age content:
The Consumer Electronics Show in the US has used up a whole lot of energy to offer us very large televisions to watch Friends on and bread machines that could be controlled from anywhere on the planet. Which immediately gave me the image of a woman in the middle of a business conference in Canberra suddenly realising that her 17 year-old son won't have anything for breakfast in New Jersey and using her mobile phone discreetly under the table to turn the machine on. Because some things will never evolve.

Latham's $100 million plan to help parent's read to children
It's easy. Read 'em anything. Possibly not Penthouse. But do you really need $100 million to work that out? Kids will quickly tell you if they don't like it or are bored. For the record Abbey (at 2 months) and I are reading Dick Bruna books or a couple of pages of Dr Seuss at a time. She has a real short attention span. I guess War and Peace will have to wait.

Punters set to flutter on wandering albatross
The Big Bird Race, launched in London last night, involves British bookmaker Ladbrokes, the British charity The Conservation Foundation and 18 satellite-tracked Tasmanian shy albatrosses.
What a thing to do to a reclusive animal. Now if it were the Tasmanian gregarious albatross. You know they leave their home islands for up to three years. It's to get some _alone time_.