Rachel's Blog: Continuum 4: And it's all over.

Mon, 07 Aug 2006

C4 was this weekend. Sorry if you didn't hear about it, but you can blame me for that. For about the last fortnight I had been planning a pre-con blog post, but I was too busy doing "real" publicity stuff to get to it.

Let me just say, it rocked. Being on commitee definitely gives a different convention experience. Something akin to mainlining, I imagine.

The guests of honour came to the party in a big way and were approachable and friendly and said intelligent things in their panels. Margo Lanagan said in the closing ceremony that the experience had been "Hardly at all scary".

The panels I was on, Kids' TV and Blankety Blanks, went as expected. The first was on Saturday at nine am, but we still managed to draw a few members into a nice casual conversation. It was very pretty with the clips Sara Eggen brought in from Jonathan M. Schiff Productions and, (I was told) it was informative for the audience.

Blankety Blanks was a comedic disaster fueled by exhaustion and hysteria, but that's what everyone was expecting, so I think that's OK. I only hope Mondy has managed to fight his way out of the soaped-up-monkey-skinning time-loop he got himself stuck in.

The Maskobalo was much better than even I had hoped. I am always surprised and impressed by the efforts people go to with their costumes and outfits, and the amount of energy and sheer enthusiasm they bring to something that is, in essence, a miniature disco. Thanks to Hespa, I even had fun putting up and taking down the decorations we had planned, and we recieved many positive comments from the crowd. Needless to say, Liz and I danced our boots off and I am still in some not-small amount of pain.

I'll probably remember some other things I wanted to say later on, but for now I want to shout out (yes, that's how tired I am) to Mitch and Mondy and all the other committe members and volunteers; you were all awesome, but let's not do it again straight away.

Keep an eye on this Continuum 4 Flickr group to get a visual sense of the weekend. And post your own photos and con reports!