Rachel's Blog: Avoid this space b/w 8-12pm next Monday

Thu, 22 Feb 2007

I am planning again to live-blog the Oscars ceremony. It will be a reward for having tackled a certain story to the page (you hear me, story?) and I'll be in the mood to celebrate with acts of lunacy. And there's no one around who can stop me.

For "live-blogging" please read "a general ranting during the Academy Awards telecast which may or may not relate to same" (Monday 26 Feb 8pm EST Channel Nine). I'll be providing bitchy, inaccurate, biased commentary on something that happened half a planet away and eight hours earlier. If you're closer to the action, think of it as a delayed-for-your-safety blogcast; there'll be no Nipplegate here, nosiree. If I'm very organised I'll be typing by 7.30pm - in time to cover Richard Wilkins on the red carpet. Such an easy target.

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