Rachel's Blog: Fake Memory Meme

Thu, 01 Dec 2005

Fun meme doing the rounds...
If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and I.

See that? Both completely made up AND fictional. No cheating and just picking one.

Comment by toby on Thu, 01 Dec 2005

Pedantry will get you nowhere!

For instance, I could remember making art with 8mm film at a party at your house. Not fictional, but made up.

In actuality, however, I remember trying to play skittles at night on St Kilda pier with a tennis ball and a few beer bottles. It really wasn't terribly successful, and we lost the ball over the edge almost immediately. No one was prepared to go in after it; I wonder where it ended up...

Comment by Rachel Holkner on Thu, 01 Dec 2005

It was the dog whose ball it was I felt sorry for.

Comment by cobungra on Sun, 04 Dec 2005

So many to choose from...
I don't want to forget the occasion when your jet ski broke down in front of the grinning dockside diners at Southbank. Bastards to push start thse things... and Icarus me floating helplessly down to the water as my attached parakite lost momentum.

Comment by Rachel Holkner on Sun, 04 Dec 2005

No, go on. Pick something _really_ embarrassing.

Comment by jeanette on Tue, 06 Dec 2005

There was the time when I wanted to go right off the top of the high diving board. But you wouldn't let me. You said I wasn't big enough and I would embarass you by getting stuck at the top and you would have to climb all of the way up to get me down. And you don't like heights. Any way all the other kids jumped off and made the biggest splashes and I wish you had let me try.

Comment by Michael on Thu, 12 Jan 2006

This bittersweet memory still lingers on in the crevices of my mind:

It was a crispy autumn morning with leaves on the trees already turning golden and red as I picked you up from your flat on the day of our first anniversary. Driving along with your gorgeous dark-brown hair gentle swaying in the breeze we arrived at the assembly place. The hot air balloon was already half inflated and before long, we climbed into the wicker basket. The release of the sand bags and favorable winds carried us across the picturesque landscape while we enjoyed the scrumptious champagne breakfast from the picnic basket. Your luscious lips turned into a broad smile as you discovered the stylish wedding band and found me kneeling in front of you, popping the most important question of my life: Darling, will you marry me?
Your answer ended our whirlwind romance and shattered my hopes for a shared life time of exciting adventurers, luxurious living and great fun. Hope your happy now!