Rachel's Blog: Interview Meme Part Deux

Sun, 29 May 2005

This time it's Richard asking the questions.

1. You recently attended a series of seminars. Have they affected your thinking about any issues?
Well they got me thinking about "issues" which I have not done in a long time. Having been so wrapped up in home-life for the last 18 months I kind of forgot that there is a whole other world out there where people do think about things, and, on occasion, even act on their interesting thoughts.

2. How cool is Continuum going to be?
Ultra Mega Cool.

3. What project should Tim Burton do next, and how should it involve Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder?
How about 'Through the Looking Glass" with Ryder as the Red Queen and Depp as Tiger Lily.
Or a prequel to Beetlejuice: Ryder plays Lydia from the future and Depp plays a previous incarnation of Juno.
Or a series of short films based on Oyster Boy. Depp would play the aforementioned mollusc and Ryder could be Pin Cushion Queen.
Or he could write a whole new story that no one ever heard of before and Depp and Ryder could act as his personal slaves while he did so.

4. What's something that has been truly timeless for you?
Umm, what? Hey check this out (from Online Etymology Dictionary):
...timeless "eternal" is 1628, earlier it meant "ill-timed" (1560)...
So taking the old skool definition, the most ill-timed thing in my life would be...no that didn't help. I have no idea how to answer this quesion.

5. What would you do to encourage sustainable living?
Is this designed to guilt me out because I haven't even turned the compost heap in months? Huh Huh? What's your point?
Sensible answer: I have to lead by example because I am really bad at getting other people to do things.