Rachel's Blog: Meme: Wikipedia + Birth date

Sun, 09 Apr 2006

Go to Wikipedia and look up your birth day (excluding the year). List three neat events, two births and one death in your journal, including the year.

1919 - Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and D.W. Griffith launch United Artists. Which led to James Bond movies, Rockys I-V and Bowling for Columbine.
1922 - DeWitt and Lila Wallace publish the first issue of Reader's Digest. I hope they're sorry.
1924 - The Royal Greenwich Observatory begin broadcasting the hourly time signals known as the Greenwich Time Signal or the "BBC pips".
Also - Apollo 14 lands on the moon, Chaplin releases the last silent film, Modern Times and The Battle of Khe Sahn gives Jimmy Barnes something to sing about.

1908 - Daisy and Violet Hilton, British conjoined twin actresses. Appeared as themselves in Tod Browning's cult-horror film Freaks.
1940 - H.R. Giger, Swiss artist. Best known for his Oscar-winning design of the film Alien
Also born on Feb 5 - Jennifer Jason Leigh; Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark; William S. Burroughs and Bobby "My Prerogative" Brown.

1578 - Giambattista Moroni, Italian painter. Had the misfortune of being an Italian painter at the same time as Michelangelo.