Rachel's Blog: Schooner Rusts

Sun, 26 Feb 2006

I started creating an anagram train map for Melbourne, because that's what all the cool kids are doing, but it proved too hard. I got all the way along the Pig Pen Line, via the Typo Coil, (Flat Gaffs, Cerebral Nut Lemon, Inapt Realm, Mojo Lint, Mince Th' Words, Morn Orchid Nth, Gold Owl Icon, Avoir Patrick, Collin Filth, Slur Hal, Re Mir, Torch Note, Torn Cox, Byron Hurt, L L Be, Ten Pros, Green T, Sore River, Rev Hunt, Kane Pork, Ow Not Maths, All Or) but then I was spoilt for choice. Which one for Flinders Street; Settlers Friend, Renters Stifled, Drifters Nestle or Let's Rest Friend?

Which reminds me, I must head into the city soon and see how the new Schooner Rusts Station is looking.