Rachel's Blog: 'Ware the Neil Gaiman Kudos Horizon

Sat, 13 May 2006

In an attempt to discover the dreamiest hunk in science fiction Chris Lawson has drawn our attentions to the dangers of the scruffy-adorablility and unchecked-fame combination: The Neil Gaiman Kudos Horizon.

Gaiman is the black hole of praise. Every prize, award, compliment, and disinhibited gothgirl cheerleader that strays within a hundred metres of him is sucked inexorably inwards, and the more that gets sucked in, the larger his kudos horizon grows. Some scientists are predicting that his kudos horizon will engulf the Earth in the next five years, and at that point he will win everything. Because space and time break down near the Gaiman singularity, when this happens there will be no point in running contests. He will win them all. Even Olympic gold medals. And silver. And bronze. In the same event. So no Neil Gaiman.

I would have voted for you, Chris, but someone had already added Russell's name to the ballot and... well... he's got red hair.