Rachel's Blog: The sacks and fashions of the early 1920s

Tue, 18 Mar 2008
L'averse Intempestive.  Illustration by George Barbiers. Frock by Worth

I have been scanning pages of a department store catalogue from 1923 which may interest people involved in a certain banquet later this year. If the ready-made fashions of Melbourne are not inspiring (they aren't to me - sacks! All of them, sacks!) you might prefer these scans of 1920s Gazette du Bon Ton. Even without the ability to read Japanese or (much) French at least I recognise names like Worth and Paul Poiret.

I have also used this exercise as an excuse to order the complete House Of Eliott. For the record the total cost if bought locally is in the region of $250. From the US, $87 inc postage.