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Fri, 27 Oct 2006

Lots of people have jumped on the six-word story bandwagon, including me:

Egg donor wanted: Near-human preferred.
Pluto unappreciated. Seeks new solar system.
I'm not your mother, am I?

The hardest part really is getting the six words to tell a story rather than just evoke an emotion or be a clever quip as capnoblivious has mentioned. The advertising format ("For sale:..." "Egg donor wanted:...") seems to be the easiest to work with because the language is already in a clipped style. Similarly straightforward is the headline style of poor unappreciated Pluto. It's easy to write a story in a sort of shorthand, such as "Cold call. Life insurance? Too late." but it then ceases to be something that is pleasant to read.

I think my favourite of the Wired stories is Eileen Gunn's, because it doesn't rely on any of those tricks.

Computer, did we bring batteries? Computer?

There must be something in the question-with-no-answer story, but I'm not sure I've got it with my attempt.