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Thu, 15 Jul 2004
More unfinished projects

OK, I confess that last list of unfinished projects included only those currently in plain sight (ie on the dining table). Happily some of these others are actually for me! But as they are tucked away in various drawers or on shelves they mustn't have a high priority.

  • Black velveteen jacket - started 4 years ago, still have to attach sleeves and bag lining.
  • Fabric and patterns exist for one brown top, one green dress and one pair of tartan pants.
  • Medieval tapestry cushion cover thingy - not even started yet.
  • Japanese sumo dolls
  • Blue and red striped cushions for Abbey's room
  • Hem Abbey's curtains
  • Jayde doll (ohhhh, yes...it's on the way!! Unfortunately I started it with hair and you know, that's the hardest part.)
  • Plus card file of art and craft ideas yet to be and a room full of materials to play with.

Edited to add:
So a bit of room rearrangment later (ie looking behind things) reveals even more unfinished projects.

  • "Thing" for dad. Materials bought before his last birthday. May actually begin it before the next one.
  • Half a papier mache flying pig
  • Three puppet heads awaiting bodies
  • Unrealised "Absynthea" gothic rag doll
  • More coasters!
  • Too much in the mending pile to mention

Tue, 13 Jul 2004
Updatey thing

Been a while since anything has been 'logged so here's a few notes on what's been going on:
Nearly finished knitting first scarf project. Unfortunately now out of Angel Season 4 episodes to watch while knitpurling so Buffy 7 will have to be aquired (damn.)
Have inherited small mountain of writing books which leads to storage problem and also guilt for not finishing any writing pieces recently. Why do I feel guilty? I'm still getting up at one in the morning to feed Abbey. I have not had a full night's sleep in over a year. WHY DO I FEEL GUILTY??
Re: storage problem, I have begun a database of all our books. 212 entries so far and not yet half way. Not even close if all the picture books are to be included. Could do some interesting things with it once it's complete. Put it online for starters so people don't have to fear giving repeats, analyse by genre, sort by read/unread/unfinished (unreadable!)...
Speaking of unfinished, here's a rundown of all the projects I have on the go at the moment (excluding aforementioned writing):

  • Grey knit scarf for Richard
  • Slipcover for Abbey's couch, currently covered in hideous Tweety bird fabric
  • Blue cord overalls for Abbey
  • Asian print jacket for Abbey
  • Mystery project for soon-to-be-born Ethan (it's not a mystery to me, I just don't want his parents, who will probably read this at some point, to know)
  • Abbey's first birthday present. This one's a secret from everyone. Let's just call it "Wilkins". Muahahaha!
Hey, none of this shit is for me! What's with that?