Richard Jones' Log: Cheese Shop - perhaps 20 isn't enough?

Sun, 15 Jul 2007

When I first wrote it the front page of the Cheese Shop displayed 10 latest entries. Then we got more than 10 updates in one day so I bumped it (and the RSS feed) up to 20. I have a feeling that we're going to need to bump it up again very soon...

Thanks to Martin von L÷wis the Cheese Shop performance has been significantly improved lately. There's still some issues (FastCGI seems to be dying randomly, and the performance still isn't quite fast enough for some applications that request many pages, but the catalog-sig are working on it). The browse interface is actually speedy now, which is cool!

Comment by bignose on Sun, 15 Jul 2007

Rather than selecting the latest N entries, why not show all entries in the last X hours -- say, 24 or 48? That way it wouldn't need to be adjusted yet again when the rate of new entries changes again.

Comment by John M. Camara on Sun, 15 Jul 2007

How about just show 10 or 20 at a time and use pagination so that the user can continue to go back in time. Not everyone can look at the Cheese Shop on a daily basis.