Richard Jones' Log: Roundup Issue Tracker 1.4.0 released

Sun, 04 Nov 2007

Now that the craziness of the middle of the year has subsided I've found some time to release a new version of Roundup.

In this release

The metakit backend has been removed due to lack of maintenance and presence of good alternatives (in particular sqlite built into Python 2.5)

  • Roundup has a new xmlrpc frontend that gives access to a tracker using XMLRPC.
  • Dates can now be in the year-range 1-9999
  • Add simple anti-spam recipe to docs
  • Allow customisation of regular expressions used in email parsing, thanks Bruno Damour
  • Italian translation by Marco Ghidinelli
  • Multilinks take any iterable
  • config option: specify port and local hostname for SMTP connections
  • Tracker index templating (i.e. when roundup_server is serving multiple trackers) (sf bug 1058020)
  • config option: Limit nosy attachments based on size (Philipp Gortan)
  • roundup_server supports SSL via pyopenssl
  • templatable 404 not found messages (sf bug 1403287)
  • Unauthorized email includes a link to the registration page for the tracker
  • config options: control whether author info/email is included in email sent by roundup
  • support for receiving OpenPGP MIME messages (signed or encrypted)

There's also a ton of bugfixes.

See the PyPI page for more information and downloads.

Comment by Facundo Batista on Mon, 05 Nov 2007

Hi! As you may know, I host this page:

build it parsing the HTMLs directly... with the new XMLRPC frontend is there now a better way to extract this data from "outside" the server? (I mean, without having access to the internals).

Thank you!

Comment by Richard on Sat, 10 Nov 2007

The roundup-users mailing list would be a better place to ask this.