Richard Jones' Log: Yes, Pong

Mon, 18 Jun 2007

Some have noticed the mention of my having added Pong to the gui designer I'm working on.

Currently the ball just bounces around the screen and off of any gui elements laid out. You can drag the toolbar (or any gui element) around as a paddle.

Once I've implemented Undo I'll have the ball destroy any gui elements it bounces off of - thus I'll need to change the name to Breakout.

I'll give the designers / players extra incentive by scoring how quickly they can demolish their design :)

The whole GUI framework and designer are coming along nicely. Stuff like sorting out a small bug in the interaction between the pyglet clock and my animations which resulted in a little jitter (Python 101: don't modify lists as you're iterating over them). I'm really looking forward to the first pyglet alpha release, and hope to move the gui framework into the pyglet svn around the same time.

Comment by philhassey on Thu, 21 Jun 2007

You just won the Phil's Best GUI Widget Ever award. Nice. (I'd ask to see it, but I still haven't gotten a 3D card for my linux system, and some other excuses like that ...)