Richard Jones' Log: devpi quick-start

Mon, 11 Aug 2014

(devpi is the caching proxy for PyPI which does a bunch of other things too but mostly just speeds up "pip install" and isolates you from network issues - or complete lack of connectivity)

I gave a 25-minute introduction to devpi at PyCon AU and since then have been requested to put together a quick-start guide:

devpi in 60 seconds

Step 1: create a virtualenv

mkvirtualenv devpi

Step 2: install devpi

pip install devpi

Step 3: run devpi

devpi-server --start

Step 4: use devpi (noting the URL from the previous command output)

devpi use --set-cfg [URL]/root/pypi

Step 5: profit!

pip install yarg

The first installation will call out to the Internet but subsequent installs will use the cached version.