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[00:59] ughh ...

Pax Astralis uploaded but not very playable
Well first it was a mistake trying to make a multiplayer game with barely no knowledge about pygame and twisted.The game logic is there but didnt have the time to add all the message to the user. Anyone played konquest on linux ? that was the basic ideea but with the multiplayer twist Heh but this game will get finnished in the next week :-) muahuhuhuh
It was a fun and challenging week cant wait to try all the games ;-)


Here goes. So far i got the twisted server sending world data to the clients, basic login and the client. I lost lots of time making twisted and pygame work togheter. Today im implementing the game logic like sending ships on conquest missions and more crappy graphics.
Hope to finnish the game in time ... off to work now
Pax Astralis


Im making a multiplayer space game inspired from moo style of play.I finished the base clases and some utilities.Anyway im trying to keep the design simple and once i have something running ill add more things.Ill use twisted for neworking but tommorow its time for pygame and pgu :-).