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FinalHope-v0.2 "So Tired"

Posted on 2005/08/29 07:36

As I had hoped, I finished at least one more version tonight/this morning. Given that it's 2:33am here and I have to get up at 7:45am, I probably ought to go to bed soon. But my collision detection code is done and awesome! I don't like pimping me but I managed to implement a system that allows NON-box collisions. It uses "mask" of the image (my landscape in this case) and checks just the sprite's rect and a little outside. It works phenominally and my framerates are still good. So I'm excited but tired.

New screenshot is up and another version uploaded.

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Comment by Richard Jones on 2005-08-29 09:18

Just a hint: when you include screenshots, use the link with "?display=thumbnail" on an "img" tag, and the link without that on the "a" tag.