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Final Hope - v0.01

Posted on 2005/08/28 06:44

Final Hope is the name of my project. I have the very bare minimum drawing routines up and spent most of the evening on my idea and the artwork. My first screenshot is up under my profile. But all it does is draw 4 Surfaces so I'm really not that far along.

Location: Mars
Year: 2361

You've been living on Mars in a space colony for years now. As the most accomplished astronaut within the biosphere, your job is to perform routine walks on the surface to handle maintenance of the biosphere. But today is not routine.

A meteor shower has hit the surface of Mars. First inspection reveals that the biosphere's super-structure is intact. But the power systems are begining to fail. All emergency power has been rerouted to life support but it won't last long. When you step out of the biosphere's airlock, it's clear what the problem is.

The conduit leading from the power generators has been destroyed by a meteor. If some power is not brought back to the biosphere soon, everyone will die. You know what you must do and set out across the Martian surface...

I hope it turns out. I'm just trying to have a little fun here. Hopefully, the visual style is semi-appealing and the gameplay will turn out. We'll see soon enough.

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