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[23:46] New Screeney

Yup, I made a title screen along w/ a bouncing ball for selecting things. I'm running into problems right now making the ball move smoothly, something to do w/ floats vs ints. But I'll get this thing working! Anyways, thought I'd show people my afternoon's work.

[11:09] FISH ATTACK!

well I'm currently working on revamping my entire game, redid A LOT of the code, fixed some major and minor bugs, and I'm now currently working on getting hit detection going. So I thought I'd add some randomly generated fish every ten seconds to get an idea of the hit detection so far, I umm generated a bit too many. :)


Wow, I'm really impressed by what people have pumped out in a week. My game was just a little ship demo, nothing impressive, but it has gotten me started on making an actual side-scrolling shooter. I've re-worked the sprites so it can now dynamically allocate anything and add it to a group with one for loop (thanks sabren for the help) Now that I have that, plus knowledge on how pygame's built in collision detection system works (although I'll give philhassey's PGU a try), I can definitely start on a real game w/ animated sprites, gigantic bosses, foregrounds you can hit, MUCH more detailed backgrounds, and all that goodness. I'm also now in the process of learning JAVA for my 3rd year coming in as a transfer student to a new school, and I gotta say learning python is just so much easier than any other language I've picked up. JAVA has so many subtle differences than C++, but it looks so similar, as where Python just looks simple to my eyes. - Good job everybody, glad to see such good games (Dynamite truly rules)


Well I finally got a night to do a little work. This isn't actually playable or anything yet, just putting some classes, sprites, etc. together, re-learning some old python goodness, realizing the chances of me getting this whole thing working are slim but we'll see what happens, I'm optimistic. anyways, here's what I mocked up in python, the only thing working is the scrolling background, and that score bar is truly f'ed up for no reason!


Well I finally started the pyweek comp. last night, and this happens to be at the same time as my gf and I are moving out of our apartment. So I got some sprites done, I got the backgrounds done, and I've been thinking about how I'm doing the actual game. I haven't done python in a bit so I gotta remember how to include multiple files, how to input XML files (for the levels), and how to loop music (shouldn't be hard.)

So breakdown of my game - R-type style shooter, I'd like to do a timing level shot to include the power theme. Levels will be done in XML, 60 ticks for 60 seconds on a 640/10 grid, each tick will tell what bad guys are going to come next, and a 0 will indicate there are no bad guys, so for example: 0 0 000000F00 0 00F000000 0 0 This will tell the game on the 3rd second, create a fish on the 7th spot, which is 640/10 * 7 = 448 and the fish on the 3rd spot is 640/10 * 3 = 192. Cool huh?

I've included my sprites so far, they're all WIP but I'm a one man team so all the art is mine, I gotta find freeware music from flashkit.com, and all the programming is original from me.