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Pyweek begins and life is busy as ever

Posted on 2005/08/29 19:56

Well I finally started the pyweek comp. last night, and this happens to be at the same time as my gf and I are moving out of our apartment. So I got some sprites done, I got the backgrounds done, and I've been thinking about how I'm doing the actual game. I haven't done python in a bit so I gotta remember how to include multiple files, how to input XML files (for the levels), and how to loop music (shouldn't be hard.)

So breakdown of my game - R-type style shooter, I'd like to do a timing level shot to include the power theme. Levels will be done in XML, 60 ticks for 60 seconds on a 640/10 grid, each tick will tell what bad guys are going to come next, and a 0 will indicate there are no bad guys, so for example: 0 0 000000F00 0 00F000000 0 0 This will tell the game on the 3rd second, create a fish on the 7th spot, which is 640/10 * 7 = 448 and the fish on the 3rd spot is 640/10 * 3 = 192. Cool huh?

I've included my sprites so far, they're all WIP but I'm a one man team so all the art is mine, I gotta find freeware music from flashkit.com, and all the programming is original from me.

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