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Some excellent titles, good week for pygamers

Posted on 2005/09/07 02:23

Wow, I'm really impressed by what people have pumped out in a week. My game was just a little ship demo, nothing impressive, but it has gotten me started on making an actual side-scrolling shooter. I've re-worked the sprites so it can now dynamically allocate anything and add it to a group with one for loop (thanks sabren for the help) Now that I have that, plus knowledge on how pygame's built in collision detection system works (although I'll give philhassey's PGU a try), I can definitely start on a real game w/ animated sprites, gigantic bosses, foregrounds you can hit, MUCH more detailed backgrounds, and all that goodness. I'm also now in the process of learning JAVA for my 3rd year coming in as a transfer student to a new school, and I gotta say learning python is just so much easier than any other language I've picked up. JAVA has so many subtle differences than C++, but it looks so similar, as where Python just looks simple to my eyes. - Good job everybody, glad to see such good games (Dynamite truly rules)

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