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Quick response to some comment:

Posted on 2005/09/10 07:24
Thanks to all whom thought it a humerous little jab :)

max out the accelleration of the ball. Might help keep it in control.
There is code in there already to do this - currently commented out. You are welcome to put it back in.

One of the most important things in a pinball game is physics, IMO, and yours seems a bit off. The bumpers seem to hit the ball far too hard, and the flippers feel all soft and mushy. Bonus points for letting us pound our leaders heads with pinball balls though.
This is pretty personal preference thing. In the readme, it explains how you can adjust the 'forcefactor' variable. This will modify the physics response forces. Also adjusting the TableAngle can help too. Essentially play with these until you find the combo you like. It is currently set for simple and quick gameplay.

Decent but bland pinball game, pretty good work though.
With a week, you dont get alot of time to put every effect in :) .. we had alot lined up :) And myself and paul actually only ended up with 4 days work on it, due to other commitments. Ideally a bigger team with more artists would have helped, but we did what we could in the 4 days we had - There are extra layers, and more effects that were going to be put in, but as with anything.. time constraints.

Shoulda made it easy to hit Johnny! :) A few Bush and Johnny quotes woulda made it a classic! ;)
You read our minds!! We actually had _alot_ of bush and johnny wavs for putting in the game. But ran out of time - I was making a cyclic wav playback scheduler so that we could have the comments come out a little random and such (like the ball launch comment, gets a little on yer nerves after the 50th ball.. :) ). I'll put it all in when I get some spare time.
And I apologise for hiding Johnny away :) I might fix that - remove the barrier in the middle :)

Thanks for all the comments, and I'll post an updated link to a new version once the competition is over - dont really wanna confuse people with different exe's. Add comment