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Directed pylons
Directed pylons


This is a team entry. The members are: shang, liimo and panzerwurst.

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pylonoid_src.zip FINAL SUBMISSION Final entry source (READ DIARY!) 2005-09-04.00:45Z 9 KB



(Clarification: This version is meant to be outside the judging process. The pylonoid_final.zip is the version done within the constraints of the time limit, and the version that scoring should be based on)

Now that the comments are visible, I noticed some of you have had trouble with the some of the game's dependencies. I managed to strip them down a bit for the 1.2 version, so if you still want to give the game a go, you can download the post-challenge version 1.2 source distribution (includes data files) from here (about 6,5MB).

The 1.2 version should run with just Pygame, PyOpenGL and Numeric and has been tested with both Python 2.3 and Python 2.4.

[07:45] Pylonoid 1.1

The bugs left in the final entry were bothering me enough, that I just had to fix them yesterday. So, for a bit more pleasant game experience, you can download the unofficial, post-challenge patch here. Extract this zip over the Pylonoid final version and it will replace the game sources with the fixed ones. The win32 executable uses the source files, so it will be patched as well.



I wasn't really clear on my earlier entry, but the full Pylonoids package (available from here) is multi-platform. On Windows machines, it can be run standalone using the pylonoid.exe in the root directory, but if you have all the dependecies, you can run the game directly from the source (pylonoid/app/main.py). The game requires Python 2.4 (might work with 2.3, untested), and the following extensions:

The game was packaged in a hurry, so hopefully everything works ok. I've heard from some people that the windows executable complains about a missing fmod.dll. You can try to fix this by moving the fmod.dll from the root directory to either the "extlib" or "app" subfolder. Sorry about the hassle. :/


[01:23] Ending Thoughs

In the end, there was a lot that was left unfinished, unfortunately. We only barely had time to complete the actual gameplay portion, and it ended up a lot more simpler than what we would've liked to do. There are a lot of polish issues too. E.g. I just found a resource leak, that'll end up eating all CPU after a couple of levels (that's what I get for testing only the first level in the final crunch).

However, despite the misgivings I have about our entry, this event has been a lot of fun and I have learned a lot about working in a team, and making games in general. I'm completely exhausted, but still, I hope there will be another event like this soon. :)



Due to problems with the upload (big file size), the final version of Pylonoids is only the bare source. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RUN IT, as it is missing all the data files. The full entry can be downloaded from here (md5sum: 6d181e20a5ebe7c6e9b6dddfd5f20eda) (12.5MB)


Well, we finally have the gameplay elements shaping up. We ultimately had to make a lot of compromises, because we just didn't seem to get our original ideas to work in practice and be fun.

During this last day, we are going to finish the actual gameplay, add an intro-screen, scoring, levels and a high-score table. 12 hours should be enough to finish this thing.


Things are picking up a bit. We got some music, sound and new GUI gfx.


Whew! Finally got the first screenshot up. We got into a bit of a late start, and we're still not quite sure what the aim of our game should be. :D But at least we've managed to get the isometric tile-engine together and some electricity effects.



With a perfect timing, I seem to have caught some sort of super flu during the weekend, which raised my body temperature to about 40C (104F). So, I'm not really getting anything done at the moment, but at least I got sick leave from work, so I have more time for the challenge.



Since there has been some discussion about personal frameworks and their documentation, I was wondering if there is anyone here who is possibly considering using pygext, but is intimidated by its lack of or the quality of documentation?

I'm currently revising the documentation almost daily (in the SVN repository), but if you would like to get more detailed documentation on a specific topic or sub-module, now's a good time to ask.

EDIT: also, would it be possible to automatically show the poster of a diary entry in teams? :)