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Clarification about the final entry

Posted on 2005/09/04 10:18

I wasn't really clear on my earlier entry, but the full Pylonoids package (available from here) is multi-platform. On Windows machines, it can be run standalone using the pylonoid.exe in the root directory, but if you have all the dependecies, you can run the game directly from the source (pylonoid/app/main.py). The game requires Python 2.4 (might work with 2.3, untested), and the following extensions:

The game was packaged in a hurry, so hopefully everything works ok. I've heard from some people that the windows executable complains about a missing fmod.dll. You can try to fix this by moving the fmod.dll from the root directory to either the "extlib" or "app" subfolder. Sorry about the hassle. :/


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